Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Strain: The Night Eternal [2015] David Lapham | Mike Huddleston

A worldwide war breaks out between nations as the vampires rule over the eternal night that follows the nuclear winter. The Master was the youngest of the Ancients however he does not know the location of his origin site, which is supposedly within the Occido Lumen. After the Fall, Quinlan has arrived to reclaim it from Fet the Exterminator. Now Fet and Dr. Goodweather unite with Gus to break Nora out of Camp Liberty with Quinlan. Gus breaks Nora out of Camp Liberty as a space station crashes to Earth. Dr. Goodweather finally discovers the Master’s origin site to stop him by realizing the Occido Lumen is supposed to be read in the sunlight. 

The origin of Master is told starting when he was the adviser to Emperor Caligula in 40 AD. He infects a woman who gives birth to a vampire who can withstand the son – Quinlan. The Master wanted his son to unite with him and take down the Ancients. We discover the first vampires were angels who coveted God’s creation. A rogue angel named Ozryel betrayed the angel Michael and drank his blood to be closer to God. The angel Gabriel arrives with others and tears Ozryel apart into the oceans and stay until the Day of Judgment. However the blood rose from the ground and became the Ancients.

Nora and Gus find Zack and take him back to his father Dr. Goodweather. However finding Zack was a trap leading to an army of vampires to their doorsteps. Zack’s mother Kelly arrives and Dr. Goodweather kills her before heading out and delivering the bomb at the origin site to finally stop the Master.

Dr. Goodweather heads to the origin site with Quinlan while the Master and Zack follows them. The final confrontation between Quinlan and the Master takes place while Zack and his father face each other for the final time. The Master kills Quinlan as Zack realizes the love between him and his father. Dr. Goodweather detonates the bomb at the origin site and frees the world of the Master and his followers.