Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Ivar, Timewalker: Breaking History [2015] Fred Van Lente | Clayton Henry

Ivar arrives in 9999 to ask for his brother Gilad the Eternal Warrior for help as well as Aram in 2015 to break into Oblivi-1 and rescue Neela who realizes she didn’t create a time arc but a time loop. The future Neela admits to be the Null and wants to destroy the universe along with the multiverse. 

Ivar and his brothers arrive at Oblivi-1 which orbits a massive black hole. Ivar finds Neela and confronts her future self. Ivar and the future Neela disappear in hellfire as Armstrong and the Eternal Warrior rescue Neela and escape. The next arc will hopefully reveal everything writer Fred Van Lente has been building up to.