Tuesday, May 19, 2015

TV Review: The Flash Season 1 [2014-2015]

The pilot episode was illegally released several months before its premiere date in October 2014. It begins in the past when Barry Allen witnesses his mother’s death and his father was framed. In the present Dr. Wells from S.T.A.R. Labs and his particle accelerator goes haywire and gives Barry his powers. The accident also gives rise to other Metahumans. The episode introduces and hints at future villains including Reverse Flash and Gorilla Grodd. The pilot gives room for the Arrow to make his appearance to inspire Barry Allen to become the Flash. The final fate of the Flash is revealed towards the end as Dr. Wells as a virtual new headline of the Flash vanishing during an upcoming crisis in 2024. A promise of ten seasons! 

01 – Barry Allen deals with the Weather Wizard and Detective West knows he's the Flash
02 – The Flash takes on Danton Black AKA the Multiplex and Dr. Wells kills Stagg
03 – The Flash takes on Kyle Nimbus AKA the Mist and Ronnie Raymond is introduced
04 – Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold uses a gun designed by STAR Labs
05 - Plastique and Gorilla Grodd is introduced and the Flash meets Iris face-to-face
06 – Barry takes on a childhood bully who becomes the villain Grinder
07 – Barry loses his powers after going up against Blackout and the Clock King holds a police precinct hostage
08 – Both the Flash and Green Arrow take on Rainbow Raider
09 - Barry takes on the man who is responsible for the death of his mother: Reverse Flash
10 – The Flash takes on Captain Cold and Heatwave as Iris moves out
11 – The Pied Piper who blames Dr. Wells targets the Flash
12 – The Flash catches the Peek-A-Boo and Barry dates Linda Park and Gorilla Grodd appears
13 – The Flash and S.T.A.R. Labs help Firestorm before he goes nuclear
14 – Firestorm is whole again and Barry realizes he can save his mom in the past
15 – The Weather Wizard strikes as Cisco discovers the identity of the Reverse Flash
16 – The Flash traveled 24 hours into the past as the Captain Cold and Heatwave strikes
17 - The Flash takes on the present day Trickster with the help of the previous Trickster
18 - The Flash takes on the Bug-Eyed Bandit with the Atom and Felicity
19 - The Flash deals with the Everyman as the body of Harrison Wells is discovered
20 - The Flash sets a trap for the Reverse Flash however it backfires
21 - Iris discovered Barry is the Flash as he takes on Grodd
22 - Barry transfers the Metahumans as the Reverse Flash is captured with the help from Green Arrow and Firestorm
23 - Barry goes back to the past to save his mother, Eddie sacrifices himself to erase Thawne