Wednesday, May 20, 2015

TV Review: Modern Family Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 [2009-2015]

Mockumentary of three different families within the Los Angeles suburban community and how they cope with one another in comedic ways. The series debuted on September 23, 2009 on ABC.

Ed O’Neill (Married with Children)
Sofia Vergara (The Knights of Prosperity)
Julie Bowen (Lost)
Ty Burrell (The Incredible Hulk, Dawn of the Dead)
Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Eric Stonestreet

Rico Rodriguez
Nolan Gould
Sarah Hyland
Ariel Winter

Fred Willard
Nathan Lane
Danny Trejo 
James Marsden
Jami Gertz
Mary Lynn Rajskub (24)
Matt Dillon
Benjamin Bratt
Ellen Barkin 
Matthew Broderick

01 – Claire convinces Phil to get rid of the old wagon
02 – Gloria gets frustrated with Jay about disrespecting her culture
03 – Mitchell and Cameron use an earthquake to get out of a theme brunch
04 – Claire tries to stop Phil from giving an unfunny speech at a Realtor’s banquet
05 – Claire attempts to reconnect with the family by disconnecting with technology
06 – Claire wants everyone to participate with her haunt house on Halloween
07 – Cameron takes Lily to shoot a commercial behind Mitchell’s back
08 – The family attends Manny’s birthday however getting there is half the fun
09 – Mitchell tells Cameron that his mother is touching him inappropriately
10 – Claire and Gloria set up the school dance while the guys go to the mall
11 - Mitchell and Cameron meet a charming neighbor while Manny learns to bike
12 – Jay is upset when Gloria tries to befriend a new couple while Mitchell runs into an old flame
13 - Phil and Claire are caught in the act by their children on their anniversary
14 – Jay has everything planned for Valentine’s Day however Gloria turn the tables
15 – Claire’s mother invites her ex-boyfriend from high school to dinner
16 – Mitchell forgets to sent out Cameron’s invitations for his PETA event
17 – Jay picks a crypt, Phil goes to a day spa, and Cameron discovers Lily’s last name is Pritchett
18 – Haley babysits Lily to get out of being grounded while Luke befriends his grumpy old neighbor
19 – Phil tries a new real estate advertisement involving his family and Jay’s brother visits
20 – Mitchell and Cameron pick a legal guardian and Claire takes Luke to see a child psychologist
21 – Gloria and Claire go hiking with their kids as Cameron is treated like a woman on Mother’s Day
22 – Phil and Claire switch parenting roles while Mitchell wants to got to a Lady Gaga concert
23 – Prior to Alex’s graduation Jay conceals his Botox mishap as Mitchell makes fun of Cameron
24 – Season Finale: Cam is in trouble at the bakery as Phil makes his nemesis jealous using Gloria

01 – The family takes a trip to a ranch where everyone finds a bit of themselves
02 – Claire proves her husband Phil pushed her in the supermarket
03 – Cameron goes on a juice fast and Alex and Haley attend the same class
04 – Jay helps Manny sell wrapping paper and Claire wants a stop sign
05 – Cameron and Mitchell are in a hit-and-run accident as Claire runs for council woman
06 – Phil takes Haley on a college visit and Manny wants to be taller
07 – Cameron seduces a straight woman as Phil builds a tree house for Luke
08 – Claire organizes a donation drive and Cameron drives a delivery truck
09 – Haley and Alex dent Claire’s car as Mitch doubts the Pumkin Chunkin story
10 – The family celebrates “Express Christmas” within 24 hours
11 – Phil waits news from his doctor and Manny’s father comes for a visit
12 – Haley and Gloria help Phil with his real estate seminar
13 – Claire’s family holds a mock debate while Cam and Mitchell discover Lily is cursing
14 – Cam and Gloria spend time together and Phil has a man crush on a client
15 – Jay wants Manny to play football while Cam and Mitchell decide about a surrogate
16 – Cam searches for the Tupperware container he lead to Gloria
17 – Mitchell prepares for Cam’s leap year birthday party and Phil deal with family PMS
18 – Manny invites the coolest kid in school while Phil competes with another real estate agent
19 – Election Day as Claire runs for Town Council and Jay runs into an Ex
20 – Luke discovers his neighbor passed away and Haley gets “Uncle” Manny to chaperone for a party
21 – Phil gets a sports car, Mitchell loses Lily’s bunny, and Gloria is afraid to fly
22 – The family goes to Disneyland as Claire sets up Haley and Gloria wears high heels there
23 – Phil decides on firing Mitchell and Alex uses her family in a live Rockefeller painting
24 – Season Finale: Cam and Mitchell are getting a new baby and Alex’s prom date is gay

01 – Gloria tries to tell Jay she is pregnant on his birthday
02 – Mitch and Cam have a parent date with two lesbians while Jay takes a baby course
03 – Phil plans to get a vasectomy as Mitch tricks Cam into taking a job
04 – Gloria snores, Luke quits magic, and Cam teaches music class
05 – Claire attempts to scare Phil on Halloween and Lily thinks her mom is a princess
06 – The family has a garage sale while Phil rides Jay’s motorcycle
07 – Haly’s arrested for drinking while Jay’s ex-wife returns and finds out Gloria is pregnant
08 – Phil accidentally picks up a gay man while Manny and Luke crash a Bar Mitzvah
09 – Cam becomes a tree hugger, Claire baby sits Gloria, and Manny goes to a sports birthday party
10 – Cam, Claire, and Phil want to flip a house while Jay and Gloria talk to the baby
11 – Jay takes the family to celebrate New Year’s however they decide to celebrate separately
12 – Gloria delivers her baby while Haly dates an older man selling jeans
13 – Gloria’s sister accuses her of stealing her life at the baby dedication
14 – Mitch gets golf lessons from Pepper awhile Jay scolds Phil to encourage him
15 – Claire gets a mild heart attack as the family celebrates Valentine’s Day
16 – Gloria fakes a twisted knee so she can go to the all-day spa
17 – Manny has a crush on the baby sitter and Phil gets his son a date
18 – Gloria and Cam compromise what they need to flip their house
19 – Jay tries to get Manny into prep school while Cam and Mitch learn Vietnamese heritage
20 – Phil sells the house that Cam and Gloria bought and Gloria meets her ex-husband’s fiancĂ©
21 – Gloria challenges Jay to write his spy novel and Phil’s competitor offers Gloria a job
22 – Jay wants his daughter Gloria to work at his company and she agrees
23 – Cam and Mitchell support Lily doing gymnastics while sabotaging everyone else
24 – Season Finale: Phil’s mother passes away and the family heads to Florida

01 – Mitchell and Cameron proposal to one another
02 – Claire is starting her job at Jay’s company and Cameron is a football coach
03 – Phil sells homes to recently divorced mothers
04 – Claire watches their son playing soccer and Cameron is oversensitive
05 – The family is late and gets kicked out of a restaurant
06 – Jay and Gloria get a new nanny and Mitchell and Cameron prepare for their wedding
07 – Phil and Claire surprise each other on their 20th Wedding Anniversary
08 – Jay and Claire go to Closet Con while Mitchell and Cameron visit Missouri
09 – Lily has a crush on boys while Gloria stands on her own feet at her father’s company
10 – Phil walks to Canada in one year as Mitchell tries to get Pound Puppies
11 – Mitchell and Cam find a place for their reception
12 – Alex goes through a mental breakdown and sees a therapist
13 – Phil and Claire talk to Haley about her future
14 – Haley participates in a photo exhibit using pictures of her family
15 – Phil and Jay face competition and Lily has lice
16 – Mitchell takes a new job and Cam steps up a dance for the school
17 – Claire and Gloria take Lily to a mall to pick out her flower dress
18 – Jay takes the family to Las Vegas as misunderstanding ensues 
19 – Cam and Mitchell compromise on the wedding however Cam planned everything
20 – The family heads to Australia for a vacation
21 – Phil gets a LP record of his first sexual encounter and Jay enters into a dog show
22 – Jay, Gloria, and Manny challenge each other to try something new
23 – Cam and Mitchell head to their wedding with complications
24 – Series Finale: Jay manages to secure the golf club for his son Mitchell's wedding

01 – Cam smothers Mitchell and Duffy family has a perfect summer
02 – Lily has an infectious smile for a family portrait
03 – Phil discovers he got everyone sick and tries to edit Cam and Mitchell’s wedding video
04 – Claire gets a separate hotel room away from her own family and Manny gets his first girlfriend
05 – Phil sells his neighbor’s house while Cam and Mitchell change Lily’s teacher
06 – Claire competes in the neighborhood’s Halloween competition
07 – Gloria makes Manny learn Spanish and Haley gets a job
08 – The family celebrates Thanksgiving as Phil cooks the turkey
09 – Phil and Claire doesn't believe Alex has a boyfriend
10 – Haley wants a birthday tattoo and Lily wants to know where babies come from
11 – Phil gets his family in a near-fatal car crash resulting with them living life to the fullest
12 – Phil and Claire deal with their neighbors who has a boat in their driveway
13 – Gloria believes Stella the dog is giving Manny allergies and interviews for college
14 – Phil and Gloria plan their yearly Valentine’s night out and Gloria’s sister has the hots for Jay
15 – Claire travels first class and becomes stress while Phil travels economy and has fun
16 – Gloria communicates with her family through her Apple computer
17 – Jay works on a commercial for his closet company
18 - Phil worries his son Luke is getting better at everything
19 - On Jay's birthday Phil gives him a grill and Mitchell pays him back for the house loan
20 - Cam asks Jay to sub for his all-gay bowling team however he has to pretend he is gay
21 - Phil and Jay rebel with their wives on how to raise their children with the proper gender toys
22 - Gloria studies for her US Citizenship as Alex fights to get her valedictorian honors
23 - Claire gets a offer at an hotel and her family celebrates ditch day
24 - Alex celebrates her graduation as her sister Haley is falling in love