Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Avengers #32 [2014] by Jonathan Hickman | Leinil Franci Yu

Solicitations promised the origin of the Rogue Planet first seen in Avengers #24.NOW will be revealed.The Avengers consisting of Starbrand, Black Widow, and Captain America travel 5000 years into the future where they meet Franklin Richards. He warns Captain America that the Illuminati will fail to the stop the incursions because of him. Afterwards they travel to the distant future 51,000 years later.

Much of this issue is shrouded in mystery as we do not know how things will play out in the upcoming 2015 Time Runs Out event. September 2014 will see both Avengers and New Avengers books jump 8 months later to the event where Marvel Comics will do something where they did not do in 75 years. Many believe the Marvel Universe 616 will come to an end and a new universe will arise giving readers a fresh take on their favorite Marvel Comics similar to 2011’s NEW 52 at DC Comics.