Monday, July 14, 2014

TV Review: 24: Live Another Day [2014]

01 – Jack rescues Chloe from CTU in London
02 – Jack discovers a plot against the President using drones
03 – Jack heads to the US Embassy in London to warn the President
04 – Jack is taken into custody however not before he tells the President everything
05 – Jack meets the President and Audrey as Margot launches her first attack
06 – Jack and Kate Morgan attempt to find out the location of Margot through an arms dealer
07 – Margot targets Jack and her injured daughter at the hospital with a drone
08 – President Heller decides to surrender himself to Margot inorder to stop the drone attacks
09 – Margot is tricked into believing Heller is dead and Jack and CTU has the upper hand
10 – Navarro is captured, the Chinese have the override device, and Jack is hunted by Russians
11 – The Chinese and the Russians are working together and Cheng Zhi has Audrey
12 – Series Finale: Losses and revenge as Jack settles the scores and pays for his crimes