Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Death of Wolverine HC [2014] By Charles Soule | Steve McNiven

Wolverine has lost his healing powers and is targeted by assassin who wants to bring him in alive and the bounty goes down as time passes making it a race. From the Hand to A.I.M to finally Nuke, Logan discovers who put the target on his back the Green Queen in Madripoor, the Viper. Wolverine heads towards Madripoor and discovers Viper subcontracted the capture on Logan. If he wants the client then he has to face Sabretooth to the death. However Deathstrike arrives and releases Sabretooth and reveals to Logan there is a hit out on them because she was targeted by Lord Ogun in Japan. When she discovers Logan is no use to her, Deathstrike decides to kill him however Kitty Pryde comes to Wolverine’s aid. 

After defeating Deathstrike with the help of Kitty Pryde, Logan heads to Japan with Kitty because there is a hit out on him by Lord Ogun in Japan. However Logan discovers Ogun has taken residence inside Kitty. Logan and Kitty fight Ogun from the outside and the inside her body. After he jumps out of Kitty’s body, she discovers who has been pulling all the strings: Dr. Abraham Cornelius who was one of the scientists of the Weapon X Program. Logan goes after Ogun and finds the body of Cyber. He discovers from Ogun that Cornelius is collecting items for various reasons and wants Wolverine alive. The final page finds Cornelius preparing an unknown suit and awaiting the arrival of Wolverine. 

The Death of Wolverine finale is finally here after it was announce over a year ago. Wolverine confronts his creator Cornelius who is creating more Wolverines however he needs Logan’s healing factor which he does not have. Dr. Cornelius attempts to use the Adamantium he has collected to infect his test subjects. However Logan sacrifices himself instead and is bathed in Adamantium. Dr. Cornelius dies and Wolverine looks out into his final sunset and dies covered in Adamantium. Overall the series is anti-climactic and Wolverine is not given the proper send-off he deserves.