Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The New 52 Futures End – Five Years Later Omnibus HC [2014]

DC Comics begins their annual September event with Futures End where all the titles jump in time 5 years later. Majority of the titles do not have the regular creative teams on the monthly titles as if they want to give the original teams a break for one month.

Batman: Futures End sees Bruce break into Luthor’s facilities and faces off against Bizarro. Bruce has stolen the technology so he can clone himself so there will always be a Batman. 

Swamp Thing: Futures End gives a great overview of the world as it is divided into six kingdoms: Green, Red (Animalia), Black (Rot), Grey (Fungi), Divided (Bacteria), and Metal. He makes a deal with all the kingdoms before going up against the Avatar of the Rot, Anton Arcane. Alec Holland uses the White Ring to end the Rot. 

Green Arrow: Futures End takes the new Green Arrow Emiko Queen who is pitted against the Vertigo Cult. We are given clues that millions of refugees from another Earth has arrived following a war. Now Oliver Queen and the Outsiders want to free the superheroes of Earth 2 from their Cadmus prison. Green Arrow falls at the hands of Deathstroke during Futures End #1 however it was really Magus who helped Oliver faked his death while he goes after Camdus. 

Superman: Futures End #1 reveals why Shazam became the masked Superman and leading to the return of his true self by the end of the issue.

The Flash: Futures End #1 begins the debut of Wally West as the Flash taking on the future Flash. 

Sinestro: Futures End #1 begins on a prison planet where Sinestro is a prisoner with his ring finger missing. However an artificial missing finger is forged and Sinestro can wield the ring again. Sinestro heads back to where his corps fell on Necropolis and rebirths his corps into the new Black Lanterns.

Booster Gold: Futures End #1 sees Booster Gold bouncing throughout the multiverse. Meanwhile another version of Booster Gold is tortured into giving the location of Vanishing Point. The story will definitely continue in the DC Crisis event celebrating the 30th anniversary of Crisis of Infinite Earths. 


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