Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Superman: Doomed HC [2014] by Greg Pak | Charles Soule | Scott Lobdell

The writers of the Superman books are presenting their own version of the 1992 epic The Death of Superman. However instead of killing him the writers are planning on transforming Superman into some more. The story begins in the Prelude to Superman: DoomedDoomsday is freed from the Phantom Zone while Superman attacks the Tower and confronts its Commander Harrow who sends ghosts to attack him. She makes the point that Superman will not do what needs to be done. Both Superman and Wonder Woman survive the nuclear explosion and their relationship continues to grow as Doomsday approaches. 

Superman attacks the Tower and confronts its Commander Harrow who sends ghosts to attack him. She makes the point that Superman will not do what needs to be done. Following the events of Return to Krypton, Superman faces the Eradicator in Smallville. Meanwhile Lois seems to be mentally bonded to Brainiac.

Superman discovers Doomsday is back and he has evolved where things lose cohesion around it. Lex Luthor reveals Doomsday is gathering life to sustain itself from suffering and its getting bigger each time. Superman decides to leave Earth but takes Doomsday with him to Venus before returning home. However Doomsday follows him back to Smallville but Superman tears him apart and gets infected with the Doomsday Virus. Meanwhile in Smallville the residents remain in their comas.

Following the Doomsday Incident, Lex Luthor and Senator Lane wants Superman to be quarantined but he escapes and realizes he has been infected. Wonder Woman searches for Clark and finally finds him at his apartment. He has changed into a Doomsday Hulk however changes back to Clark. Superman: Doomed is Clark Kent becoming the Hulk.

Batman, Wonder Woman, and Steel head to the Fortress of Solitude where they encounter a sick Krypto. They discover where Doomsday escaped and Batman, Wonder Woman, and Krypto head into the Phantom Zone. They discover the Tower was responsible for the release of Doomsday and retrieve the Phantom King - the first prisoner of the Phantom Zone. Superman is studied by the Justice League and Lex Luthor until Lois arrives. He senses the Teen Titans are in danger due to the visions given by Brainiac through Lois. Now Superman becomes an enemy of the state.

Lana Lang discovers the coma residents of Smallville are sending messeges to space. The US Government sents Metallo after Superman. Metallo sets off a Kryptonite bomb nearly engulfing half the hemisphere. The Kryptonite weakened Superman and all that's left is Superdoom. Wonder Woman takes Superdoom to space and he reverts back to Superman. He faces off with the against the Red Lanterns and they lose the fight. Superman continues towards space. 

Superdoom is out in space while Steel and Lana discover back in Metropolis the people are unconscious the same way as the people in Smallville. Lana discovers Lois is involved somehow while both her and Steel see Cyborg Superman coming their way. Steel explains that a communication source is coming from space and Brainiac is heading towards Earth. Superdoom intercepts the fleet and confronts the Cyborg Superman.

Lois becomes a pawn of Brainiac and takes on Wonder Woman with Metallo. Batman manages to pull the Kryptonite out of the atmosphere. The Cyborg-Superman created a portal which brings Brainac’s Mothership through and takes over the world. Wonder Woman enters the Phantom Zone and make a deal with Mongul for Warworld while Superman surrenders himself to his inner Doomday.

Brainiac tries to reform the universe using the conscious minds he has collected so he can bring his own family back. The Cyborg-Superman attacks the Justice League however Supergirl arrives to stop him. Wonder Woman uses Warworld from the Phantom Zone to attack Brainiac’s ship and to allow Superdoom to face Brainiac face-to-face. Superman send Brainiac into a black hole where the multiverse exist including Post-Crisis and Flashpoint eras. 

As Superman: Doomed progressed the story got less intriguing due to the fatigue of the entire event. Superman heads into space then returns to save the Earth. Nothing appealing as the story lost momentum and should have ended two months ago. The story could have been told in a 1 to 2 month event to keep it fresh. 

This hardcover collects
Superman: Doomed #1-2
Action Comics (2011) #30-34
Superman/Wonder Woman (2013) #7-11
Superman (2011) #30-31
Supergirl (2011) #34