Thursday, October 23, 2014

E10: Deathstroke #1 | Arkham Manor #1 | Multiversity The Just #1 | He-Man and the MOTU #18 | Red Lanterns #35 GodHead | Superman #35 [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Tony Daniel took over the first issue of Detective Comics when the New 52 was launched in 2011. Now the writer and artist now tackles Deathstroke after the character’s popularity grew following the Arrow TV series. This is the second attempt to revive Deathstroke after the 2011 New 52 launch. The story begins as Deathstroke takes a contract out on Possum however the tables are quickly turned until Deathstroke makes his escape. He retreats to find a monk who heals him. After sixteen days, Wilson Slade wakes up regenerated into a younger body. 

Continuing the 75th Anniversary of Batman, the new Batman series Arkham Manor takes place after Batman Eternal #30 which will be released next week. After the destruction of Arkham Asylum, Wayne Manor now becomes the temporary home for the Arkham inmates. Now Batman ends up solving a murder at the former Wayne Manor. Now Bruce Wayne has to go undercover within Arkham Manor as Jack Shaw to solve a murder. Overall the first issue is a great start to the series which would probably end shortly once the storyline runs its course or due to poor sales. 

The past generation of superheroes leaves their children in a carefree world where they are not need in The Multiversity: The Just. Until a superhero Sapphire Mason AKA Megamorpho committed suicide. Now both Batman and Superman investigate the murder. Batman discovers Megamorpho killed herself after reading a comic book. They discover the comic books might carry an infection from parallel worlds.

We are made aware that Lex Luthor killed Superman and Chris Kent is resentful to Alexis Luthor because her father killed his father. The issue includes other superheroes including Plastic Man’s son Off Spring, the Flash Wally West, Green Arrow Conner Hawke, Alpha Centurion, Wonder Woman Artemis. Together they will form the super-team the Just. 

The Origin of She-Ra continues in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Adora fights for the Sword of Protection and becomes She-Ra. We also learn the woman who murdered King Grayskull is the father of Skeletor. Adora arrives in time to save her brother Adam and together they defeat the Fright Zone. Meanwhile at Castle Grayskull, Hordak will use the blood of He-Man to free himself from his prison and conquer Eternia.

This week is the Red Lanterns issue of GodHead where the New Gods arrive on Earth to confiscate the Lantern rings. Guy Gardner fights them off with the help of Simon Baz. The New Gods are called back by the Highfather to New Genesis. Now both Guy Gardner and Simon Baz want to go after them to New Genesis. 

Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr. continue their Superman epic leading to January’s issue where Superman undergoes a costume change. Both Superman and Ulysses track down the Machinist who works for Mr. Oz. Ulysses realizes the world he has left continue to hunger for war so he makes a worldwide announcement offering six million people sanctuary in a new world in the fourth dimension.