Thursday, December 18, 2014

E31: Batman Eternal #37 | Batman #37 Endgame | Batman/Superman #17 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #37 the inmates of Arkham Asylum gather to discuss what to do next as Batman searches and Catwoman spies on them. Catwoman offers the inmates to Batman as a gift as she is the new crime boss. 

Batman #37 begins as the Joker contaminated Gotham with his toxin. Gordon discovers Joker has appeared throughout Gotham’s history. He deals with the Joker however he is taken out as the Joker reveals to Batman that he knows his identity. 

Batman/Superman #17 continues the Superman’s Joker story arc. Batman and Superman head to STAR Labs to use Hector Hammond to locate the mysterious villain. This leads them to Metropolis where the assassin Lobo is targeting his victims. Superman deals with him and protects his friends however Batman believes they need a bait to lure the villain out which is why Lois volunteers.