Thursday, December 18, 2014

E32: Green Lantern: New Guardians #37 | Justice League #37 | Wonder Woman #37 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Green Lantern: New Guardians #37 opens with Metron giving Kyle and Carol a Motherbox to get off of Old Genesis. They reunite with John Stewart and Saint Walker on New Genesis. Together they battle Highfather to obtain the White Lantern Ring which no longer works. Now Highfather disposes them using the Life Equation. Each issue of GodHead has been a slow pace of putting all the pieces together as it leads to the final issue where all will be revealed. 

Justice League #37 continues with Batman and Superman tracking down Patient Zero of the Amazo Virus. They are quickly joined by Wonder Woman who helps take Patient Zero down so Batman can get a sample of his blood. However he is knocked out by Patient Zero and Batman becomes exposed to the Amazo Virus. Meanwhile Lex Luthor is targeted by another assassin: Bullet. 

Wonder Woman #37 begins with the Amazons being attacked by mechanical eagles as Wonder Woman is reminded of her neglected duties to the Amazons. Meanwhile Donna Troy enters into the New 52 Universe. Writer Meredith Finch ignores the event of last issue including the catastrophic event in Thailand and the destroyed clay statue of Wonder Woman’s mother. It leads to more questions as the issues progresses and ignores the events of the previous issue. It’s difficult to keep up with the story when it is so fragmented. Imagine reading various social media sites just to get one story. That’s what reading Wonder Woman was like by writer Meredith Finch. If this was the 90s then the great art could have saved the bad writing.