Monday, May 4, 2015

TV Review: Batman: Gotham Season 1 [2014-2015]


Gotham begins with the death of the Waynes and explores the early days of the villains including the Penguin, Riddler, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, and the Joker. 

01 – The Waynes are murdered and Gordon and Bullock work through a corrupt system
02 – Gordon and Harvey track down missing children who are victims of the Dollmaker
03 – The Balloon Man is the first vigilante Bruce Wayne witnesses 
04 – A hitman strikes Gotham as Penguin moves up and Fish Mooney plans against Falcone
05 – The Viper drug hits the streets of Gotham the predecessor to the Venom drug that empowers Bane
06 – A serial killer who is dead returns from Gotham and the Penguin makes himself aware to GCPD
07 - The Penguin and Falcone are secretly working together since the beginning against Fish
08 - Alfred agrees to teach Bruce how to fight after punching Tommy Elliott AKA Hush
09 – Harvey Dent is introduced as Selina Kyle lives with Bruce as a witness in the Wayne murders
10 – Selina Kyle is targeted and Gordon is reassigned to Arkham Asylum
11 - Gordon is a guard at Arkham Asylum solving a murder and meets Dr. Leslie Thompkins
12 - Gordon is reinstated into the Gotham PD as Fish and Falcone relationship comes to a head 
13 - Gordon stops internal corruption in the Gotham PD Fish leaves Gotham
14 – The father of Jonathan Crane makes test subjects out of the citizens of Gotham
15 – Jonathan Crane is injected with the fear serum by his father to make him stronger
16 – The Flying Graysons and the Joker are introduced as Gordon solves a circus murder
17 – Fish removes her own eye rather than have both of them removed by the Dollmaker
18 – Fish makes a deal with the Dollmaker as Gordon takes on Commissioner Loeb
19 - Gordon opens a cold case which puts his loved ones in danger as Penguin buys a bar
20 - The Riddler makes his first kill as the Ogre targets Barbara Keen
21 - Gordon tracks down the Ogre while Penguin begins a gang war to control the underworld
22 - Fish returns, Falcone retires, and Penguin takes over as Bruce discovers the cave