Saturday, May 2, 2015

E96: Divergence | Secret Wars #0 FCBD 2015 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Divergence focuses on the events occurring in the upcoming issues of Batman, Superman, and Justice League. The Batman story begins two months after the events of Endgame where both Batman and the Joker are presumed dead. The Powers family has acquired Wayne Enterprises following the events of Batman Eternal as well as Batman Incorporated. Now they create a new Batman for Gotham City with the only man who can currently fit his shoes: Commissioner James Gordon. However after the events of Batman Eternal Gordon is no longer Commissioner as Maggie Sawyer took his place. A definite continuity error which gives the impression that DC doesn’t care because everything is going back to normal once the Batman V Superman film is released next year.

Superman story sees the events of the upcoming Truth arc where Lois Lane exposes Clark Kent’s identity to the world. Now he is targeted and finding places to hide as Clark with a deep resentment towards Lois

The upcoming Darkseid War in Justice League sees the birth of Darkseid’s daughter Grail who starts the war between the Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor. We are also given upcoming teasers of the war including Green Lantern making a sacrifice, Batman is reborn as a New God, and Superman is missing and calling out the name of the Anti-Monitor. Overall this is the best story of Divergence that is story driven without relying on a status quo change. 

Secret Wars #0 sees the Future Foundation kids building a ship to escape the final Incursion with the Ultimate Universe. We are given a history of how the heroes attempted to save us that led to destroying worlds and creating the Cabal. We also see the Ultimate Universe deciding to invade and destroy the Marvel Universe during the final Incursion. The stage is set up for Secret Wars that has been building since 2012.