Thursday, October 30, 2014

E12: Batman Eternal #30 Arkham Manor | Sinestro #6 GodHead | Wonder Woman #35 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #30 is the prelude issue to last week’s Arkham Manor. Arkham Asylum collapses due to Deacon Blackfire however the Spectre arrives and takes care of him. Batman goes underground to find Alfred Pennyworth however he encounters the Joker’s Daughter who is wearing a bomb vest. The issue shows the collapse of Arkham Asylum however how Wayne Manor becomes the temporary home for its inmates remains unknown in both the Batman Eternal and Arkham Manor series. 

Sinestro #6 is the final part of Act One of GodHead. Sinestro wants to track down the New God who attacked them. He discovers she is on the planet Nok fighting both the Indigo Tribe and Green Lanterns. The Sinestro Corps arrive on the planet and fights the New Gods and rescues the Indigo Tribe and Green Lanterns. Sinestro believes his Corps are weak so he decides to trim the fat and the rings self-destruct while aiding the escape of the other Corps. The first Act of GodHead sees the Corps fall one by one as the New Gods attack them. The second Act suggests the various Lantern Corps unite to defeat the New Gods. 

Wonder Woman #35 is the final issue of writer Brian Azzarello and artist Cliff Chiang. Wonder Woman battles her brother the First Born who is trying to kill Zeke the Last Born. Zeke is prophesied to kill a god and sit upon the throne of Mount Olympus. The prophecy comes true as he sits on the throne and the First Born falls into the abyss. This issue is a major payoff for long time readers since the beginning of the New 52. Next issue will feature the husband and wife team of David and Meredith Finch.