Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Green Lantern: GodHead Volume 1 [2014]

Green Lantern/New Gods: GodHead #1 introduces the New Gods into the New 52 and their origins and motivations. The Highfather and Metron explore the Source Wall after realizing a breach occurred due to the actions of Relic. The events between Relic and the Green Lanterns are fully explored in Green Lantern: Lights Out. The events of GodHead are a sequel to Lights Out. Now the Highfather and Metron believe the Lanterns have the ultimate weapon to defeat Apokolips. He asks his Council of Eight to bring him the rings. None of the Lantern Corps were safe as the Sinestro Corps, Larfleeze, the Star Sapphires, the Indigo Tribe, the Red Lanterns, and the Green Lantern Corps. Highfather discovers only the White Ring holds the Life Equation and asks his Council of Eight to destroy the other Lantern Corps. Now Highfather wants the last Lantern: The White Lantern Kyle Rayner.

Hal Jordan leads the Corps to confront Metron and Orion at the Source Wall in Green Lantern #35. After their defeat Metron and Orion head back to New Genesis as Hal heads to find Sinestro. Green Lanterns Corps #37 continues part three of GodHead as John Stewart is asked to submit and surrender his ring to the New Gods. John Stewart and his Corps defend themselves until the Indigo Tribe arrives to rescue them. On New Genesis the New Gods may have found Kyle Rayner and his White Lantern.

In Green Lanterns: New Guardians Kyle Rayner is warned if you change the Life Equation then you change reality. The Guardians reveal Rayner has brought the Life Equation back as he passed through the Source Wall making him a target for the New Gods. The Highfather arrives and makes the Guardians disappear while offering to help Kyle. Both Kyle and Carol Ferris travel to New Genesis with the Highfather. 

This week is the Red Lanterns issue of GodHead where the New Gods arrive on Earth to confiscate the Lantern rings. Guy Gardner fights them off with the help of Simon Baz. The New Gods are called back by the Highfather to New Genesis. Now both Guy Gardner and Simon Baz want to go after them to New Genesis. 

Sinestro #6 is the final part of Act One of GodHead. Sinestro wants to track down the New God who attacked them. He discovers she is on the planet Nok fighting both the Indigo Tribe and Green Lanterns. The Sinestro Corps arrive on the planet and fights the New Gods and rescues the Indigo Tribe and Green Lanterns. Sinestro believes his Corps are weak so he decides to trim the fat and the rings self-destruct while aiding the escape of the other Corps. The first Act of GodHead sees the Corps fall one by one as the New Gods attack them. The second Act suggests the various Lantern Corps unite to defeat the New Gods.