Thursday, November 13, 2014

E15: Green Lantern Corps #36 GodHead | Superman/Batman World’s Finest #28 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Act Two of GodHead continues as the Green Lantern Corps find refuge in the Anti-Matter Universe in Green Lantern Corps #36The Sinestro Corps have taken the Green Lanterns to the Anti-Matter Universe where the Weaponeer forges new weapons against the New Gods. John Stewart gathers the other Lantern Corps beginning with the Star Sapphires. On Zamaron the New Gods attack the Star Sapphires until the Stewart arrives with reinforcements. The Corps are captured and a fallen Star Sapphire asks her ring to go to Stewart who becomes a Star Sapphire. The Corps are free and retreat to safety.

The secret history of Earth 2’s Superman and Batman continues in World’s Finest #28We discover what happens to the Amazons as they sought refuge from Earth 2. The God Mercury arrives and takes Diana away to protect and defend a young Clark Kent from a New God and Bruce Wayne from Frankie Falcone's men.