Thursday, November 13, 2014

E16: Batman #36 Endgame | Annual #2 Zero Year | Joker's Daughter #1 One Shot Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Endgame continues in Batman #36 as the Joker returns armed with the Justice League in tow. Batman finally takes down Superman by spitting Kryptonite gum in his face. He searches at the collapse of Akham Asylum to find clues of the Joker. Batman is confronted by an orderly by the name of Eric Border who locks him up and reveals himself as the Joker promising to bring havoc to Gotham. 

Eric Border was first introduced in Batman Annual #2 where Batman tests the cells of Arkham Asylum. Border visits the first patient of Arkham the Anchoress who is seeking revenge of Batman for turning the asylum into a place of punishment instead of healing. The Anchoress plans to release every patient of Arkham. Batman remembers her from Zero Year as the she makes him relive his nightmares of his brother Owlman and the death of Robin his son. Border and another orderly rescues Batman.

His second appearance is in the Joker’s Daughter where both Eric Border and the Anchoress show up. We are given the origin of the Joker’s Daughter and the Joker communicates with her as Eric Border.