Thursday, November 27, 2014

E23: Batman Eternal #34 | Arkham Manor #2 | Deathstroke #2 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #34 finally reveals how Wayne Manor becomes Arkham Manor. Julia Pennyworth is injured after going up against Hush. Wayne Enterprises is under pressure by both the Mayor and the Commissioner of Gotham to stop the explosions due to the Bat Bunkers. Batman takes down Hush who was about to blown another bunker. However it is too late the Federal Government seized all of Wayne Enterprises holdings including both foreign and domestic as Batman discovers Hush was not the mastermind behind everything. There is someone else. The series have been picking up momentum as we reach year’s end and the conclusion. 

Arkham Manor #2 continues as Bruce Wayne disguised as Jack Shaw finds out who has been committing the murders. Bruce works with Eric Border who was revealed as the Joker in Batman: Endgame. He fights with an unknown assailant to later disappears within the Manor. The series reads like a classic Legends of the Dark Knight issue from the 90s which gives it a different flavor than the other Batman titles. 

Deathstroke #2 begins as Wilson Slade wakes up in his younger body along with new eyes. He is given a hologram of Odysseus by the Red Fury.  Odysseus is his next target. Slade discovers from the Red Fury his memories were erased due to a sensitive mission and Odysseus is targeting both of them. He takes down Odysseus’ men with his new body and questions a survivor about who and where is Odysseus. Meanwhile we discover both Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva are working with him. Slade takes the truth serum given to him by Red Fury to recollect his memory of the sensitive mission which involved his son Jericho.