Thursday, November 27, 2014

E24: Red Lanterns #36 GodHead | Superman #36 | He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #19 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

GodHead continues picking up where the last issue of Red Lanterns left off. Guy Gardner and Simon Baz are determined to travel to New Genesis. They find Cyborg who reluctantly helps them get to New Genesis. Gardner and Baz arrive at the home of the New Gods who attacked them on Earth. After their short battle Highfather arrives and wants them both imprisoned and interrogated. I love this issue keeps continuity. After Highfather obtains the White Ring from Kyle in Green Lanterns: New Guardians, he makes a weapon to show his followers. The GodHead story has a nice flow that keeps moving along unlike the current Marvel Axis tie-ins. 

Superman #36 begins as wants to take six million people to another dimension within 24 hours. Citizens gather to leave and aliens from the other dimension are ready to take them. Ulysses visits Klerik and his parents who he refuses to take. Superman arrives to find out what is really going on and the two battle it out. Ulysses reveals he has done this exodus before and a perfect world has a cost which Earth must pay for it. The problems I have with this issue is that there are no translations with the alien conversations. It seemed like blank pages of comics when the writer and artist do this and not allowing the readers to figure out what they are saying. 

The final issue of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe has a stamp on the front that indicates this will be the Prelude to the Infinity War. However the issue takes place 12 years ago when Adam wants to become a Master but his father King Randor forbids it because he has not mastered himself. Adam is manipulated by his Uncle Keldor to prove his father wrong by venturing into the no-man’s land. Uncle Keldor asks Beast Man to take Adam hostage as he plans to poisoning the council and take over Eternia. King Randor searches for his son however his search comes under attack and is pinned down. Adam attempts to rescue his father as the Sorceress watches and grants him the strength to do so and promising to give his great power to save others. This is a fill-in issue as it doesn’t add any value as we approach the Eternity War in December.