Thursday, November 6, 2014

E13: Green Lantern #36 GodHead | Earth 2 #28 World’s End Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The second Act of GodHead begins as Hal Jordan takes his Green Lantern Corps to Sinestro in Green Lantern #36. The New Guardians arrive to reveal Kyle Rayner is alive and imprisoned him. Hal believes the New Gods have all the rings except a Black Lantern. He searches for Black Hand on Earth and joins forces with him. One of the surprises within this issue is the resurrected Flying Graysons whose death led to their son Richard Grayson to become the first Robin.

Earth #28 brings the origins of the Four Furies of Apokolips. On Czarnia the home planet of Lobo, the Fury of Pestilence is born and taken by Desaad. On Warworld the Fury of Famine is the champion for Mongul and taken by Steppenwolf. Starfire arrives on Apokolips and is trained by Big Barda to become the Fury of War. On Mars a mother who lost her child is taken by Darkseid and she will soon give birth to his child. She becomes the Fury of Death. Each of the Furies is introduced in this issue as they raise havoc on Earth 2: World’s End.