Thursday, November 6, 2014

E14: Avengers & X-Men: Axis #4 Inversion | Amazing Spider-Man #9 Spider-Verse | Men of Wrath #2 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Book Two: Inversion begins in Axis as World War Hate is over. Previously the Avengers wanted to contain the Red Skull instead of the X-Men. Now the Avengers want to keep him away from SHIELD. In New York during a hostage crisis, Carnage arrives and saves the day leaving Spider-Man baffled as everyone is still alive. Meanwhile Iron Man arrives in San Francisco to announce his new Extremis app which brings the attention of Matt Murdock AKA Daredevil and Stark begins drinking again.

At the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, the X-Men are united following the events of Schism in 2011. The X-Men want to wage war on humanity and Apocalypse has risen.  The Avengers decide to kill the Red Skull however the Hulk stands in their way. Luke Cage throws the Hulk aside making him angry to become Kluh the Hulk’s Hulk. After his rampage the Avengers discover the Red Skull has escaped. The turn of events in book two brings out the best of the series as the roles are reversed. 

Spider-Verse begins in part 1 of Amazing Spider-Man #9 as Morlun and his family hunts the Spiders throughout the multiverse from their home on Earth – 001. Peter Parker meets various Spider-Men and women including Ben Reilly, Mayday Parker, Gwen Stacy, and the Cosmic Spider-Man.  The final page sees Mile Morales being hunted on Earth – 610. The Spider-Verse event is very dense with characters and worth the price of admission.

The second issue of Men of Wrath begins as well discover how Ruben Rath got into the mess he is in. After discovering his girlfriend is pregnant, Ruben takes a job killing horses until he kills one with a boy on it. Refusing to kill the boy Ruben runs while the boy is killed. Now on the run his father is holding his pregnant girlfriend hostage until they meet.