Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Deathstroke the Terminator Vol. 1: Gods of Wars TPB [2014-2015] by Tony Daniel

Tony Daniel took over the first issue of Detective Comics when the New 52 was launched in 2011. Now the writer and artist now tackles Deathstroke after the character’s popularity grew following the Arrow TV series. This is the second attempt to revive Deathstroke after the 2011 New 52 launch. The story begins as Deathstroke takes a contract out on Possum however the tables are quickly turned until Deathstroke makes his escape. He retreats to find a monk who heals him. After sixteen days, Wilson Slade wakes up regenerated into a younger body.

Deathstroke #2 begins as Wilson Slade wakes up in his younger body along with new eyes. He is given a hologram of Odysseus by the Red Fury.  Odysseus is his next target. Slade discovers from the Red Fury is memories were erased due to a sensitive mission and Odysseus I targeting both of them. He takes down Odysseus’ men with his new body and questions a survivor about who and where is Odysseus. Meanwhile we discover both Bronze Tiger and Lady Shiva are working with Odysseus. Slade takes the truth serum given to him by Red Fury to recollect his memory of the sensitive mission which involved his son Jericho. 

Deathstroke #3 begins with him remembering rescuing his son Jericho. He discovers Odysseus was using Jericho to restore himself. We also find out Odysseus is Deathstroke’s father who is shot to death by his son. However Slade discovers his father Odysseus is still alive and his son Jericho disappeared to Gotham City where Harley Quinn is waiting for him. 

Deathstroke #4 begins with Red Fury and Deathstroke using the truth serum on Bronze Tiger. Slade uses the truth serum on Red Fury exposing her real identity. He is reunited with old friends who are working with the CIA. They want to kill Slade’s father Odysseus because he has the power to infiltrate minds and connected to his son Jericho. Elsewhere Odysseus asks Shiva to lead the League of Assassins and to swear allegiance to him. Meanwhile Jericho arrives in Gotham City looking for his sister Rose. Deathstroke also arrives in Gotham and teams up with former Suicide Squad teammate Harley Quinn. However she frames Slade for murder as Batman arrives to take him down. The next two issues will see Slade taking on Batman as well as his father Odysseus before the Convergence series takes place in April.  

Deathstroke #5 shows Deathstroke battling Batman for the first half of the book before getting away with Harley Quinn. Elsewhere in Gotham both Rose and Jericho meet Possum who uses a app to shut him down as Odysseus arrives with Lady Shiva and Bronze Tiger. Next issue is the finale to the first story arc by Tony Daniel and hopefully will give closure to the story before going to the next arc in June. 

The first arc of the new Deathstroke series comes to a close title “Honor thy Father.” Wilson Slade tracks down his children Jericho and Rose and rescues them from his father Odysseus. However Slade is injured by Bronze Tiger then wakes up later as Red Fury makes him another offer. Overall the new series has lots of action with very little plot and the first arc ends abruptly without any explanation as to what happened to Jericho, Rose, and Odysseus. There is no sense of closure and the only results are Slade is younger like his counterpart in the Arrow television series. The next arc following Convergence sees Deathstroke taking on a god which should have lots of action with very little plot. It may even guest star Wonder Woman as Deathstroke competes for the title of God of War.