Thursday, March 19, 2015

E83: Batman Eternal #50 | Batman Superman #20 | Superman #39 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #50 begins with a crashed jet on top of Bane as Batman helps his family take down the other villains including Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface as Firefly burns Gotham City. Batman receives an invitation from the mastermind who leads him to the Beacon Tower. Batman arrives only to discover it’s a trap set by the Cluemaster who may or not be the mastermind the plot from the very beginning. The ending of this issue makes you want to go back and reread the very first issue. 

Batman/Superman #20 sees Batman, Superman, and Supergirl facing off against Ka-El’s family who are controlled by the Phantom King the first prisoner of the Phantom Zone. Batman uses a Red-Sun generator to temporary take away their powers however the Phantom King sends the entire population of Kandorians to kill Kal-El. Superman stops them by blowing up the Red-Sun generator and taking away their powers as the Phantom King is sent back to the Phantom Zone. The story rather ends abruptly as it concludes in Batman/Superman Annual #2 as the Phantom King sets a series of events in motion. 

Superman #39 begins following last issue’s revelations of Superman gaining a new power which drains him of his strength for 24 hours. He revealed his identity to Jimmy Olsen and they spend the day together explaining his powers. A hostage crisis occurs and Superman diffuses the situation using his credibility and trust. The issue is great however gets spoiled at the end when Clark receives a blank notebook from an unknown source.