Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Earth 2: Volume 6: Collision [2014-2015] by Tom Taylor

Earth 2 #27 takes place following the events of Earth 2: World’s End and the new duos of Superman and Power Girl as well as Batman and the Huntress finally work as a team. Earth #28 brings the origins of the Four Furies of Apokolips. On Czarnia the home planet of Lobo, the Fury of Pestilence is born and taken by Desaad. On Warworld the Fury of Famine is the champion for Mongul and taken by Steppenwolf. Starfire arrives on Apokolips and is trained by Big Barda to become the Fury of War. On Mars a mother who lost her child is taken by Darkseid and she will soon give birth to his child. She becomes the Fury of Death. Each of the Furies is introduced in this issue as they raise havoc on Earth 2: World’s End. 

Earth #29 sees both Dick Grayson and Barbara Gordon taken to Gomorrah a private village of sin. Barbara was about to be sacrificed to a Parademon until it escapes giving Grayson enough time to save his wife and head back to the refugee camp to find their son Johnny.The issue sees to be a filler until the events of World’s End unfold.  

Earth 2 #30 tells the stories of how the Avatars of Earth were chosen. The White is the power of the atmosphere, the Blue the power of the Oceans, the Red the power of animal savagery, the Green the power of organic life who is Green Lantern Alan Scott and finally the Black the power of decay, Solomon Grundy. Together they combine to defend the Earth against Apokolips.

Earth 2 #31 sees Fate travel to Apokolips and lose his helmet Nabu to Thrall. He doubles the firepits on Earth as the Queen of Atlantis goes to war. Fate retrieves his helmet back and heads to Earth. The issue is fragment as the story continues in Earth 2: World’s End. These past Earth 2 issues seem like fillers or tie-ins to the weekly series with very little progression in the story. 

The heroes of Earth 2 hold the forces of Apokolips back as the Amazons and Avatars have fallen. The story continues and ends in Earth 2: World’s End as the series takes a two month break during the release of the Convergence series. The Earth 2 series could have been well spent these past six months by summarizing the events of the Earth 2: World’s End and giving the reader and additional story which corresponds to its sister weekly series.  What we got was a pointless six month substitute issues while the main events happened in the weekly Earth 2: World’s End.