Thursday, March 5, 2015

E75: Batman Eternal #48 | Earth 2 #32 | Green Lantern #40 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #48 someone contacts the Penguin to target James Gordon at Blackgate Prison. I riot breaks out at Blackgate giving Penguin a chance to get to Gordon. Meanwhile after crashing landing Batman steals a jet and heads towards Gotham as the Bat Family deal with souped-up villains. The big reveal of the villain behind Batman Eternal is expected to be in the upcoming fiftieth issue.

The heroes of Earth 2 hold the forces of Apokolips back as the Amazons and Avatars have fallen. The story continues and ends in Earth 2: World’s End as the series takes a two month break during the release of the Convergence series. The Earth 2 series could have been well spent these past six months by summarizing the events of the Earth 2: World’s End and giving the reader and additional story which corresponds to its sister weekly series.  What we got was a pointless six month substitute issues while the main events happened in the weekly Earth 2: World’s End. 

Green Lantern #40 was marketed as Hal Jordan’s ultimate betrayal against the Templar Guardians and the Corps. The status quo will eventually reduce the number of Green Lantern-related titles to two: Green Lantern and Sinestro. Jordan wants to be the scapegoat for the Green Lanterns for all their recent ills and uses Krona’s Gauntlet to fight Kilowog and leave Mogo. The reasons for Jordan to do what he is doing are unclear and cryptic. I wish the writer put more meat into Jordan’s intentions and plans which would have given the issue more weight before the two month hiatus due to the Convergence series in April and May.