Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fantastic Four: The End is Fourever [2015] by James Robinson | Leonard Kirk

The Fantastic Four comes to an end again and this time it’s with writer James Robinson. Fantastic Four returns to its original numbering as it nears its end. The issue is a rehash of the previous issue continuing with the Quiet Man tormenting Reed Richards as he explains he has been behind all the mishaps against them. He plans to frame Reed with an invasion and disgracing him. Meanwhile Bentley rescues Franklin Richards as SHIELD recruits Sleepwalker. This issue is fragmented with fights, brawls, and dialogue which seems inconsistent from writer James Robinson. Hopefully everything will be explained before the series wraps up. 

The second part of End of Fourever continues as SHIELD recruits Sleepwalker to enter Franklin Richards dreamscape as the Quiet Man unleashes monsters worldwide. Reed Richards breaks free from the Quiet Man and reunites with the Fantastic Four as Franklin and the Future Foundation kids return. As the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and Spider-Man stop the invasion of monsters, the Heroes Reborn Avengers arrives to cause havoc on our world. Writer James Robinson writes a below average tale and reintroduces the Sleepwalker however does not use him within this issue. Much like the last issue this issue seems pointless. Marvel seems to be closing down the Fantastic Four until the new rebooted movie arrives in August 2015 or after the Secret Wars event. 

Fantastic Four #644 sees the Fantastic Four united as they defend against the monsters from Franklin Richard’s dreamscape and the Heroes Reborn Avengers. Reed Richards takes on the Quiet Man while Susan with the help of Sleepwalker enter Franklin’s dreamscape only to discover Psycho Man behind the chaos. 

The finale of Fourever begins as Quiet Man loses control as the Psycho Man is controlling the chaos. Susan, Namor, and Sleepwalker fight within the dreamscape as Franklin attempts to shut down it down. The Frightful Four joins the Thing and takes on the Heroes Reborn Avengers. Reed Richards and his daughter have found out a way to shut down the portals however Susan and Franklin need to return from the dreamscape. They finally escape as the portals and the Heroes Reborn Avengers are shut down while the Psycho Man is trapped in the dreamscape. This is the final issue of the Fantastic Four however with the upcoming movie it seems like Marvel may want to launch a new first issue. Only time will tell after Secret Wars but bringing the series back after another send-off seems pointless after building up the hype this is truly the final issue of the Fantastic Four.

This hardcover collects
Fantastic Four #642-645