Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Green Lantern: GodHead Volume 2 [2014]

The second Act of GodHead begins as Hal Jordan takes his Green Lantern Corps to Sinestro in Green Lantern #36. The New Guardians arrive to reveal Kyle Rayner is alive and imprisoned him. Hal believes the New Gods have all the rings except a Black Lantern. He searches for Black Hand on Earth and joins forces with him. One of the surprises within this issue is the resurrected Flying Graysons whose death led to their son Richard Grayson to become the first Robin. 

The Sinestro Corps have taken the Green Lanterns to the Anti-Matter Universe where the Weaponeer forges new weapons against the New Gods in Green Lantern Corps #36. John Stewart on gathering the other rings beginning with the Star Sapphires. On Zamaron the New Gods attack the Star Sapphires until the Stewart arrives with reinforcements. The Corps are captured and a fallen Star Sapphire asks her ring to go to Stewart who becomes a Star Sapphire. The Corps are free and retreat to safety. 

Green Lantern: New Guardians #36 begins as Highfather takes both Kyle and Carol to New Genesis where he separates the White Lantern ring from Kyle. Highfather plans on using the Life Equation to defeat Darkseid and remake the universe. Carol attacks using all of her power within her ring. Both Kyle and Carol are dumped on Old Genesis without the use of their rings. Meanwhile Highfather tests his Life Equation to make citizens on another planet into warriors.

GodHead continues picking up where the last issue of Red Lanterns left off. Guy Gardner and Simon Baz are determined to travel to New Genesis. They find Cyborg who reluctantly helps them get to New Genesis. Gardner and Baz arrive at the home of the New Gods who attacked them on Earth. After their short battle Highfather arrives and wants them both imprisoned and interrogated. I love this issue keeps continuity. After Highfather obtains the White Ring from Kyle in Green Lanterns: New Guardians, he makes a weapon to show his followers. The GodHead story has a nice flow that keeps moving along unlike the current Marvel Axis tie-ins.

Sinestro #7 is the final part of Act II of GodHead where Sinestro and the other Lantern Corps hide in the Anti-Matter Universe. John Stewart wants to use the Indigo Tribe to capture a New God and teleport them to the Anti-Matter Universe. Sinestro wants to convert one of the New Gods into a Yellow Lantern. However the Indigo Tribe takes a handful of Lanterns to New Genesis where they are surrounded and captured. Most of the issues of GodHead have been slow burn to extend the issues until the final Act where most of the action and reveals take place.