Thursday, November 27, 2014

E25: Superior Iron Man #2 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Superior Iron Man #2 sees crime is running rampant in San Francisco as the Extremis App is only available for the privileged. Daredevil decides to visit Tony on Stark Island which was formerly Alcatraz. After throwing Daredevil off the top of Stark Island, Tony decides to make the Extremis App for free for those who are within 50 feet of him. The next day Tony is shot in the face by a father who overcame his addiction however his son succumbed to the Extremis App. Later Daredevil kidnaps Stark and uses an EMP pulse to disconnect him however his armor symbiotic biological technology so his plans failed. Tony takes down Daredevil and when he wakes up he can see. Writer Tom Taylor really pushes the series to new heights.