Thursday, November 13, 2014

E17: All-New Captain America #1 | Superior Iron Man #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Sam Wilson debuts as the new Captain America teaming up with the new Nomad to take down Hydra in their underground base to rescue a kid. Both Captain America and Nomad deal with Batroc who falls over the edge. Now they focus on rescuing kid whose blood Hydra wants. They escape the Hydra troops however they now face the new Masters of Evil which includes Baron Zemo, Crossbones, and Sin. 

Writer Tom Taylor of Injustice and Earth 2 takes on Marvel’s Superior Iron as Tony Stark makes an Extremis App available to the citizens of San Francisco. After Iron Man takes down Teen Abomination with the She-Hulk, some of the citizens of San Francisco become narcissistic and attack the homeless. Daredevil intervenes as the trial period for Extremis App is over. Tony Stark is now charging $100 for a daily renewal of the Extremis App. Realizing Tony has gone overboard, Pepper Potts has no choice but to seek the help of an individual wearing an older Iron Man armor. This issue is a great debut to the series as Tom Taylor really fleshes out the Tony Stark character. This is original Tony Stark character before becoming Iron Man in the 1960s. Now that arrogant personality is back and bringing with him the Superior Iron Man.