Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Men of Wrath [2014-2015] by Jason Aaron | Ron Garney

Men of Wrath is a creator-owned series by writer Jason Aaron and artish Ron Garney. The story begins in 1900s with a killing before moving into the present with multiple murders. Jason Aaron is the Brian De Palma of comics because he puts the violence upfront in the book thereby giving tension to the rest of the series. The story introduces Ira Rath who will need to deal with the actions of son. This is a Sins of the Sons story where the father needs to redeem his son. This is definitely a highly recommended book as it races out of the gate. 

The second issue of Men of Wrath begins as well discover how Ruben Rath got into the mess he is in. After discovering his girlfriend is pregnant, Ruben takes a job killing horses until he kills one with a boy on it. Refusing to kill the boy Ruben runs while the boy is killed. Now on the run his father is holding his pregnant girlfriend hostage until they meet. 

Men of Wrath #3 sees Ira Rath hunting his son Ruben while holding his pregnant girlfriend. Ira meets his son at a church and tries to gun him down and anyone who stands in his way. The preacher attempts to stop Ira however is shot and killed. Ruben gets the upper hand however he cannot kill his own father. Ira finds himself in the cemetery where his family rests. This issue doesn’t pull any punches and really packs the impact especially on the final page. 

Men of Wrath #4 begins as Ruben Rath confronts his father Ira at his own home. However his father gets the upper hand and offers him money to run away and be a father to his newborn. Ruben also discovers what happened to his mother who hanged herself and is buried in the backyard. Ruben leaves to witness the birth of his newborn at the hospital. However the people who put a hit on him are there waiting to take him out. This is another great issue by writer Jason Aaron and Ron Garney as they write the penultimate issue to the series. 

The final issue of Men of Wrath is released as Ira wakes up and discovers his son Reuben was killed by the same family that hired him the Polks. Realizing they will come after him because he helped his son get away, Ira prepares against the onslaught of the Polks and later kills their boss. Ira wakes up half burned in a hospital bed dying of cancer as his Lizzie and her child visits. Ira tells Lizzie his grandson will have the same generational curse as the previous Raths before him. Lizzie tells Ira there will be no more Rath fathers or sons. Ira realizes he has a granddaughter and asks Lizzie what’s her name as she leaves. Writer Jason Aaron and artist Ron Garney brought a complete tale to a satisfying conclusion.