Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ivar, Timewalker Vol. 1: Making History [2015] by Fred Van Lente | Clayton Henry

The first issue of Ivar, Timewalker follows the eldest brother of Armstrong and the Eternal Warrior who saves Doctor Neela Sethi from Prometheans from the Fifth dimension. They travel to the past where Neela bumps into the Eternal Warrior. They escape again as the Prometheans give chase through a series of timearcs ending up in Japan 4001 AD the home of Rai.  Ivar also meets Neela for the first time in 4001 AD and we also learn the Master of the Promethens is a future Neela. Ivar is trying to turn a younger Neela against her future self. Ivar is the reason people should be reading Valiant comics. Fred Van Lente is an awesome writer who breathes life into his characters. Read his Taskmaster: Unthinkable mini-series now collected in trade format.

The second issue of Ivar, Timewalker brings Neela and Ivar through a series of time arcs from the prehistoric past to not killing Hitler. Ivar teaches her that killing Hitler would make her a murder just like him. They head towards Hitler’s bunker and find themselves captured by the Eternal Warrior. The best aspect of the Ivar series is the humor by Fred Van Lente and gives personality to the series and the characters.

Ivar, Timewalker #3 sees Neela pursued by the Promethens in 1944 and realizes she has the ability to change the future and save her own father. The final issue of the first arc with Neela attempting to save her father from a car accident however runs into alternate versions of herself at a bar warning her to stop. She travels to various points in the past however she ends up being the person driving the car that hit her father. Neela ends up at the bar where she warns her past self. She meets her future self the Master of the Promethens who promises her that she need to change the universe in order to change time and takes her to Oblivi-1.