Wednesday, March 11, 2015

World's Finest: The Secret History of Superman & Batman [2014-2015] by Paul Levitz

World’s Finest #27 shows Jor-El responsible for the destruction of Krypton and Apokolips offers a chance to save Krypton in exchange for Kal-El. However Jor-El and sends Kal-El, Kara, Val-Zod, and another to Earth before the destruction of Krypton. Frankie Falcone wants to kidnap Alan Scott at the hospital Thomas Wayne works at however he refuses him. We discover what happens to the Amazons as they sought refuge from Earth 2. The God Mercury arrives and takes Diana away to protect and defend a young Clark Kent from a New God and Bruce Wayne from Frankie Falcone's men. World’s Finest #29 continues the secret history of Superman and Batman on Earth 2. Batman deals with Selina Kyle while Superman crash lands on Paradise Island facing Wonder Woman. Both Superman and Batman deal with a probe from Apokolips as well as the ally of Darkseid who terrorized Superman in the previous issue. There are three issues left before the end of the series and it seems the artist has given up. 

World’s Finest #30 begins as the mother and daughter team of Catwoman and Robin stop a human trafficking ring however they fell into a trap. Batman arrives and rescues them however the ring leaders self-destruct. Superman is kidnapped by a New God and Batman saves him and sends her back into the Boom Tube. Elsewhere Terry Sloan has another Kryptonian in his possession Val-Zod.