Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Wolverines Volume 2: Claw, Blade, and Fang TPB [2015] by Charles Soule | Nick Bradshaw

Wolverines #6 sees the Amazing X-Men and the Wolverines competing for the remains of Wolverine as Nero makes a deal with Sinister. Nero uses the control words on the Wolverines to give Sinister a chance to defeat the X-Men. However the Wolverines take out their own ear drums to prevent them from being controlled. Nightcrawler manages to obtain the Wolverine 's remains and get away as Sinister is defeated. But Sinister had a contingency plan to resurrect himself from his defeat. 

Wolverines #7 opens with Mystique using Shogun as a diversion to steal something from the National Museum in TaipeiShe steals a sword and traps Shogun between a rock and a hard place. She asks Shogun to give her the erase word so no control words will work on her. He gives her the erase word. Mystique is attempting to bring her friend Destiny back. 

Wolverines #8 begins as Fang of the Shi’ar Imperial Guard arrives from deep space to avenge his friend Logan. The Wolverines do their best to take out Fang who just wants to have a good time. Fang takes Daken to the Mountains of Jotunheim and the home of the Frost Giants.

Wolverines #9 sees Fang telling a Frost Giant that Daken is his father leading to an uncomfortable confrontation. Daken finally takes on the Frost Giant before Fang pulls him back and they both grab a beer. Fang realizes that Daken has one arm to open his beer so he heals him with a new arm and eye. After having a heart to heart Fang takes away Daken’s arm and eye and making sure the enemies of Wolverine suffer. Now Fang takes Sabretooth away into space.

Wolverines #10 begins with Fang taking Sabretooth away from the rest of the Wolverines on an adventure 68 light years outside the galaxy. Fang has plans to storm the flagship of a pirate fleet leading to Sabretooth slaughtering them for their crimes. Fang returns home with Sabretooth and takes X-23 Laura on his next adventure as Mystique has a plan to stop Fang. Overall the Wolverines weekly series is not perfect but it’s a fun read giving us a perspective of how Wolverine affected their lives and others.