Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Chew Volume 10: Blood Puddin' [2014-2015] by John Layman | Rob Guillory

Chew: Blood Puddin’ Tony teams up with D-Bear to solve a case as John cooks Poyo who he killed in the last story arc for Tony to consume to defeat the Collector. At the hospital where Olive is resting, Mason Savoy visits her and is confronted by Tony’s wife Amelia. Now all three of them are missing from the hospital. Tony discovers they all went voluntarily to go after the Collector by tracking his associates. 

Meanwhile Mike Applebee gets a horse as a body while Caesar Valenzano get a crab hand to replace the one he lost. Tony forgives John for putting Olive with Mason. John takes Poyo to Chow Chu to cook for Tony to eat so he can avenge their sister Antonelle. Tony finally tracks down his wife and daughter and tells Mason to go away. Chow and John offer Tony a cooked Poyo which he eats to confront and defeat the Collector. This arc has been building up since issue #30 when Antonelle was killed by the Collector.