Friday, July 3, 2015

Film Review | Terminator: Genisys [2015] Arnold Schwarzenegger

Terminator: Genisys begins in the future as John Conner takes on Skynet and sends his father Kyle Reese into the past to save his mother Sarah from a Terminator. Just before he is sent a Terminator attacks John as Kyle disappears into the past. The Terminator sent to 1984 to kill Sarah is attacked by an older T-800 sent to protect her as a child.

Meanwhile Kyle arrives in the past however is attacked by a T-1000 as he is saved by both Sarah and her T-800 called Pops. Both Kyle and Sarah must travel to 2017 to stop Genisys AKA Skynet from coming online as Pops takes the long way. They arrive however are detained by the police at the hospital as John Conner visits them. Kyle discovers he is John’s biological father as Pops arrives to stop John who is a hybrid of both human and Terminator. John was sent into the past to aid Genisys which is also building a time machine.

A final showdown begins as Genisys headquarters as both John and Pops battle one another. John is destroyed as Pops gets an upgrade to a T-1000. This is a well written epic as it pays homage to the original 1984 Terminator as well as gives us a credible over-the-top story that blends action with drama.