Wednesday, May 27, 2015

DC Comics Convergence [2015] by Jeff King | Carlo Pagulayan | Stephen Segovia

Convergence is a two-month epic consisting of nine issues while the regular DC titles are placed on hiatus. The series spins out of New 52: Futures End and Earth 2: World’s End. The villains are Brainiac who has been collecting multiverses and a new one named Telos which will be introduced within the series.

Convergence #0 begins with Superman meeting multiple Brainiacs who reveal the Master has not returned from Earth 0. Unknown to them the Master Brainiac was defeated in Futures End. We learn Brainiac has been defeated by Superman throughout the multiverse however dies by other means. The events of Superman: Doomed where Superman was infected by the Doomsday virus was orchestrated by Brainiac after witnessing the Death of Superman in another universe. The cities of dead worlds are here from throughout the Multiverse. Now Telos releases the domes that separate each world so the characters will fight to survive. The surviving heroes of Earth 2 after World’s End will arrive in the first issue of Convergence. Overall this is a great issue if you have been following the events of Superman: Doomed, Earth 2 World’s End and New 52 Futures End.

Convergence #1 begins as solicited a few months ago with the Earth 2 heroes arriving and Telos releases the domes of the different worlds from across the DC Multiverse to fight for their survival. The book and the ties-ins are more nostalgia than anything more by bringing back characters and events from the 70s, 80’s, and 90s together. Too many characters with very little story and the book reminds me of Countdown: Arena in 2007 which has a similar premise.

Convergence #2 begins as the heroes of Earth 2 free themselves and fight back against Telos. Green Lantern Alan Scott discovers Telos is afraid of something beneath the planet. Meanwhile Thomas Wayne and Richard Grayson head towards another Gotham where they meet Bruce Wayne. The Bat symbol on Bruce Wayne changes form panel-to-panel which makes it annoying as it shows the artists rushed through this weekly series. The finale sees the heroes meet Deimos who claims he can get them off the planet. 

Convergence #3 Telos heads to the City of Kandor the first city Brainiac took. It’s residents along with Nightwing and Firebird oppose Telos which leads them to their fates. Thomas Wayne and Richard Grayson take on the Pre-Flashpoint Batman villains but Wayne sacrifices himself as the Joker arrives and shoots Grayson. Telos arrives in time and kills the Joker and asks Grayson where are the Earth 2 heroes. Meanwhile Deimos takes the Earth 2 heroes below the planet into another displaced reality Skartaris.

Convergence #4 The Earth 2 heroes travel through Skartaris to get to the castle where the Warlord has imprisoned the Time Masters consisting on Monarch, Extant, Hourmen, as well as the Time Trapper. Deimos is a high priest who wanted Skartaris for years and takes the power of the Time Masters. Deimos tells Brainiac he can free from his imprisonment from the events in New 52 Futures End.

Convergence #5 Demios uses the powers of the Time Masters to reveal to Telos who he is. Brainiac used Telos in exchange for saving his family. The Earth 2 heroes attack Demios however the castle collapses so they travel to gather the rest of the heroes from the other cities as Richard Grayson accepts his destiny as Batman. Demios arrives at Brainiac’s occupation chamber and announces to the heroes of the cities that there is no longer as reason to fight since Brainiac is banished and he will protect them for a price. 

Convergence #6 begins in the New 52 Universe as a arrival of a new planet draws the attention of Superman, the Red Lanterns, Darkseid, the Monitor as well as the Oracle. Deimos wants loyalty otherwise he will destroy cities within the hour. The heroes of the various cities unite against Deimos. Grayson speaks to Telos who recently found out the truth about himself and asks him to join the heroes to save the world from Deimos. As the heroes gather, Deimos has gathered his own army of villains to kill them all.

Convergence #7 in the New 52 the Justice League and Stormwatch gather with Oracle as war erupts on the world of Telos. Deimos and Telos battle each other as both the heroes and villains discovers Deimos wants all of them to die so he can use their energies to recreate the world. Hal Jordan as Parallax finally destroys Deimos however the power of the Time Masters are released into the New 52 Universe and reality is coming apart. 

Convergence #8 as reality comes apart Booster Gold and Wave Rider arrives and releases Brainiac who gives us his origin. He is a survivor of the multiverse from Crisis to Infinite Earths, Infinite Crisis, 52, and Flashpoint. Brainiac plans on sending everyone home and resetting the multiverse however something is blocking him, the first Crisis. Brainiac send Superman with Lois and their daughter, Parallax, Flash, and Supergirl to prevent the collapse of the multiverse. The multiverse is saved and Brainiac returns to Earth-0 as the heroes of Earth 2 remain on the world of Telos as it is being destroyed. However with Brainiac and Telos gone their ties to the world is severed. The world of Telos becomes the new Earth 2 and it returns back to its universe. Green Lantern uses his ring to signal the refugees back to the new Earth 2.