Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Superior Iron Man Vol. 2: Stark Contrast [2015] by Tom Taylor

Superior Iron Man #6 begins the second arc as Tony faces Pepper and her secret weapon against him. After taking control of Resilent, Pepper sends a retro vision of the Iron Man armor against Tony.

Superior Iron Man #7 Pepper Potts brought a virtual Tony Stark from eight years ago to bring down the current one. Tony calls on his superior armor as the virtual Stark assembles his armor around Tony and takes him into space so the superior one is disabled. The virtual Stark attempts to erase Tony but is unsuccessful and is defeated. 

Superior Iron Man #8 Tony pretends he is back to normal while communicating with Pepper as the virtual armor reveals he has not. Tony heads back to space and has a party which surrounds himself with civilians. Now Tony uses his technology to control the people around him and use them as drones. The virtual Stark rescues the civilians with various armors as Tony begins his final battle. 

Superior Iron Man #9 Tony discovers where his virtual self is located and heads to Resilient however he is stopped by Pepper Potts in her Iron Woman suit. Tony is taken to Resilient and he infects its system with a virus and shuts his virtual self down and contains it within a drive. However the drive is destroyed and Pepper promises Tony that he will destroy his public image so he has no one to turn to. Overall the series was wonderful however the last issue left us wanting. Writer Brian Michael Bendis is taking over the new Invincible Iron Man series following Secret Wars