Thursday, December 4, 2014

E26: Sinestro #7 | Green Lantern #37 GodHead Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Sinestro #7 is the final part of Act II of GodHead where Sinestro and the other Lantern Corps hide in the Anti-Matter Universe. John Stewart wants to use the Indigo Tribe to capture a New God and teleport them to the Anti-Matter Universe. Sinestro wants to convert one of the New Gods into a Yellow Lantern. However the Indigo Tribe takes a handful of Lanterns to New Genesis where they are surrounded and captured. Most of the issues of GodHead have been slow burn to extend the issues until the final Act where most of the action and reveals take place. 

Green Lantern #37 begins Act III of GodHead as the Green Lanterns and the Sinestro Corps are captured and imprisoned by the New Gods. Meanwhile Hal Jordan takes Black Hand to the Source Wall where they encounter Orion. Black Hand unleashes his Black Lanterns who were former Green Lanterns against the New Gods. He also discovers the Source Wall is a massive grave for him to choose is Black Lantern Army.