Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Archer & Armstrong: American Wasteland [2014] Fred Van Lente | Pere Perez

Archer searches for the biological parents after receiving a Project Rising Spirit file from Bloodshot. They begin their search at the Church of Retrology and Archer meets its founder the Lizard King. He wants the Wheel of Aten in exchange for Archer’s mother. Armstrong reveals to Archer the Wheel of Aten redirects faith-energy and made Gods. 

While time traveling back to 1926, Sister Mary-Maria and the daughters of Lilith are after the Wheel of Aten before it disappears. Archer finds her in the present however she has aged. He stops the Wheel of Aten and she returns to her youth. Archer and Armstrong have different views on what to do with the Wheel of Aten. Archer wants to use it to consolidate the Sects and Armstrong wants to destroy it. As they fight Mary-Maria takes the Wheel of Aten to the Lizard King.

The Lizard King uses the Wheel of Aten to harness faith-energy however Archer and Armstrong went into the past to stop the Lizard King’s plans by making it their plans. He is sent to the Faraway Land along with the Wheel of Aten where a simple modification changes the faith-energy to lifeforce  making individuals immortals. The origins of how Armstrong, Ivar, and Gilad became immortal comes full circle.

Later Archer discovers his biological parents and his real name is Barry. He quits the Sects by faking his death. The remaining Sects make him a Martyr and they become the Archies. This is clearly one of the best written story arcs I have read under writer Fred Van Lente.