Thursday, December 25, 2014

E36: Batman Eternal #38 | Batman Annual #3 Endgame | Arkham Manor #3 | Robin Rises Alpha #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #38 sees Batman going after the Arkham inmates from the information Selina Kyle gave him last issue. Batman takes all of Akham inmates down except for Poison Ivy and Killer Croc who were working with Selina Kyle. She wants the inmates out of the picture so the crime families can return to take over Gotham

Batman Annual #3 was marketed as a tie-in to the current Endgame story arc featuring the Joker. The last Batman Annual introduced Eric Border who later is revealed to be the Joker in Batman: Endgame. The third Batman Annual brings us Thomas Blackcrow a reporter who told the Joker he has no friends. A year later after the Joker escaped Arkham, they found Tommy’s article under his bed. When Tommy went home he found his friend dead by the Joker’s hand. Joker wants to be Tommy’s friend and systematically emotionally tortures him and his wife who later leaves him. Tommy is eventually sent to Arkham Manor with Eric Border as his new friend. This annual seems to be the origin of Eric Border and answering the question why the Joker became an orderly at Arkham – to be close to his friend Tommy.

Bruce Wayne disguised as Jack Shaw searches for a killer within his own home in Arkham Manor #3Bruce finds him within the walls of the manor however he escapes while Zsasz was revealed to be his prisoner. Eric Border reveals himself to be the Joker and infects Clayface with this Joker toxin so he becomes Clownface. These Arkham Manor issues are classics as the mystery deepens and the threat increases as the series progresses. 

Robin Rises: Alpha #1 begins as the Batman family returns home from Apokolips with Damian Wayne who now has super strength. This story ran for six months beginning in July with Robin Rises: Omega. The casket containing Robin is kidnapped and Batman heads to Apokolips to get his son back. Now Batman returns with Robin and injects him with a shard which brings him back with superpowers as Kalibak attacks. Batman sends Kalibak back to Apokolips and closes the Boom Tube with the help of Cyborg. Now Damian has superpowers ending the celebration of the 75th Anniversary of Batman. Overall the story was predictable expect for Robin gaining superpowers. The Omega and Alpha bookends was all you needed to understand the story.