Thursday, December 25, 2014

E37: Deathstroke #3 | Superman #37 | He-Man The Eternity War #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Deathstroke #3 begins with him remembering rescuing his son Jericho. He discovers Odysseus was using Jericho to restore himself. We also find out Odysseus is Deathstroke’s father who is shot to death by his son. However Slade discovers his father Odysseus is still alive and his son Jericho disappeared to Gotham City where Harley Quinn is waiting for him. 

Superman is imprisoned by Ulysses and discovers Klerik is his adoptive father in Superman #37. The battle with Klerik was a ruse to gain Superman’s trust and the world so when the time came to take them to the Fourth Dimension then there will be no resistance. Ulysses manages to take six million people as well as his parents back to his adoptive world. Ulysses is a seeker who seeks life energies to replenish his adoptive world. Superman discovers Ulysses’ parents are on transport ships and convinces him to free him. Together they send the people back to Earth however the energy used depleted the planet and it explodes. Ulysses blames Superman for its destruction. The next issue promises a new costume for Superman in January. 

He-Man: Eternity War begins as the blood of He-Man is used to restore Hordak in Castle Grayskull as our heroes use Snake Mountain as a refuge. Hordak uses the power within Grayskull to forge the Sword of Darkness. Now Hordak and his minions search for the Eyes of Grayskull. Teela is the new Sorceress and summons both He-Man and She-Ra and tells them about the Eyes of Grayskull which are power stones of Chrono and Chaos controlling time and space. They were meant to control the universe from Castle Grayskull through the stones. King Grayskull believed no one should have that much power which got him assassinated. Later Skeletor found the Eye of Chaos while the original Sorceress, Teela’s mother, found the Eye of Chrono and hid it. He-Man wants to find the Eyes of Grayskull and destroy them. The war for Eternia has begun and a key player emerges with one of the Eyes of Grayskull: Skeletor.