Thursday, December 25, 2014

E38: Red Lanterns #37 | Sinestro #8 | Green Lantern Annual #3 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Red Lanterns #38 begins as both Guy Gardner and Simon Baz free themselves from their imprisonment and steal some Lantern rings back from a New God.

Sinestro takes on the New Gods and meets with Highfather in Sinestro #8He attempts to broker terms with Highfather but Sinestro fails. He uses one of his Sinestro Corps to alter the Motherbox so the Boom Tube opens at a different location other than Earth. Sinestro heads to the Source Wall to find Hal Jordan.

Green Lantern Annual #3 begins as Highfather plans to travel to Earth to make its population apart of his army against Darkseid. Sinestro opens a Boom Tube near the Source Wall to bring Hal Jordan as well as Black Hand’s army to New Genesis. However the entities from the Source Wall are alive since they were only imprisoned and not dead. They wreak havoc on New Genesis as the other Lanterns are freed and they join the battle against the New Gods. Kyle Rayner returns as the White Lantern and makes the Source Wall entities disappear. New Genesis falls out of the sky while Hal Jordan attempts to save it. Saint Walker returns as a Blue Lantern to triple the power of the Green Lanterns to save the people of New Genesis. Highfather sees the error of his ways and offers peace. Later we learn the Life Equation will eventually consume Kyle, Mogo gets his ring back, and another entity breaks through the Source Wall leading to the next Green Lantern crossover. The final impact of GodHead is not severe as one expects with no lasting repercussions. The entities imprisoned within the Source Wall are free and a new threat will emerge next year.