Thursday, January 1, 2015

E40: Batman Eternal #39 | SHIELD #1 | Star Trek / Planet of the Apes #1 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

The last issue of Batman Eternal for 2014 hit stands as Batman tracks down the Riddler only to be buried in an avalanche. The Arkham Asylum villains escape with the help of Catwoman who offers them a chance to join her to rule the entire Eastern Coast. However a mysterious voice offers them a chance to use Batman Incorporated weapons to destroy Gotham.  

Mark Waid brings the characters of Agents of SHIELD to comics in the new SHIELD series. Agent Coulson and his team takes on a terrorist who has a sword made out of Uru metal. The sword was stolen from Heimdall who fell to Earth leaving other beings from other realms to enter Midgard. Coulson uses both Valkyrie and the Black Knight to take on the terrorist while he rescues Heimdall who has a black rock embedded in his chest. He brings all the heroes and the beings from other realms who arrived on Earth to him. Coulson distracts Heimdall who is inhibited by another being and uses the Vision to remove the black rock from his chest. The beings are back to their own realms as Coulson studies the black rock.

Star Trek crosses over with the Planet of the Apes franchises in the Primate Directive. The Klingons have found a way to travel to other dimensions to a different universe on a future Earth where Apes and Klingons are working together. The majority of this issue is a set up for the set of the series and this issue has no interaction between the crew of the Enterprise and the Planet of the Apes. It would have been acceptable if the narrative was told in a Starlog where Kirk explains the situation and immediately arrives on the Planet of the Apes where the action takes place.