Thursday, January 8, 2015

E41: Batman Eternal #40 | Earth 2 #30 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #40 starts with Batman digging his way out of an avalanche with the Riddler who gets away. Meanwhile Firefly betrays Catwoman who wants the Arkham inmates to join her. She survives the attack and waits in the shadows for the chaos to begin as the Arkham inmates destroy Gotham with Batman Incorporated weaponry. 

Earth 2 #30 tells the stories of how the Avatars of Earth were chosen. The White is the power of the atmosphere, the Blue the power of the Oceans, the Red the power of animal savagery, the Green the power of organic life who is Green Lantern Alan Scott and finally the Black the power of decay, Solomon Grundy. Together they combine to defend the Earth against Apokolips.