Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Ant-Man Volume 1: Second-Chance Man [2015] by Nick Spencer | Ramon Rosanas

Ant-Man #1 begins as Scott Lang applies to Stark Industries however Tony Stark is not impressed with his sordid past. Stark offers Lang a chance to prove himself for employment. Lang competes with other younger candidates however at the end they all fail. Stark offers them another chance the next. However Lang breaks into Stark’s apartment to retrieve the missing code to beat the test. He succeeds and Stark offers him the position. Writer Nick Spencer really brought out the character of Scott Lang to life before the upcoming Marvel film. 

Ant-Man #2 begins as Scott Lang attempts to obtain a loan to start his own business. To prove his worth, he hacks into the bank’s security systems and opens the vault which releases a Nazi robot. Lang stops the robot and the manager of the bank Mrs. Morgenstern wants a fifty-fifty partnership in his company Ant-Man Security Solutions. His first client is the Taskmaster who takes aim at him at the end of the issue. Nick Spencer proves himself as worthy to write a Marvel character much like Dan Slott when he wrote the She-Hulk. 

Ant-Man #3 sees Scott Lang targeted by Taskmaster as a diversion so his daughter Cassie could be kidnapped by Augustine Cross the son of Darren Cross who plans on resurrecting his father. We discover why Augustine kidnapped Cassie in Ant-Man #4. Augustine needs her heart which is filled with Pym Particles which can expand and shrink for his father. Ant-Man teams up with Machinesmith to break into Cross Technological Enterprises to save her daughter however it’s too late. Ant-Man #5 sees Darren Cross is back with Cassie’s heart however he shrinks during a fight with Ant-Man. Scott manages to save his daughter’s life. The first arc has action, sense of humor, and drama which is everything you expect from writer of Jimmy Olsen One-Shot Nick Spencer.