Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 4 [2015] by Dan Slott | Christos Gage | Humberto Ramos

Amazing Spider-Man #16 begins as Peter Parker believes he can run a company after leading an army in Spider-Verse. As Alchemax and Parker Industries compete to build a super prison, Tiberius Stone and Mark Raxton the Molten Man hires Ghost to put Parker Industries out of business. The series ends with issue #18 as Secret Wars begins and Dan Slott brings Peter and Mary Jane together one final time in Renew Your Vows.

Amazing Spider-Man #17 sees Peter Parker and Anna Marie admit their “break up” to May and their employees as Ghost infiltrates Parker Industries. He creates havoc by taking the controls of the new security systems and turning it against them as Spider-Man arrives on the scene. Both Anna Marie and Clayton use Spider-Man’s equipment against Ghost who levels Parker Industries in Amazing Spider-Man #18. In the final issue before Secret Wars, Parker Industries is destroyed as the Black Cat rises to a new status quo in the supervillain community. Really wished this was the final Marvel 616 Universe story for Spider-Man before Secret Wars but ending the story like this seems that Marvel will return with an updated status quo and the return of the majority of the 616 history.