Thursday, January 29, 2015

E53: Batman Eternal #43 | Batman #38 | Arkham Manor #4 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Batman Eternal #43 begins six hours ahead as we flashback to Spoiler being in Catwoman’s custody. Red Robin asks Bluebird to break into Catwoman’s underground casino so they infiltrated it. Batman arrives and the events in Batman #28 unfolds. Batman takes Spoiler to safety where she reveals the person speaking to her father the Cluemaster about planning the destruction of Gotham is Bruce Wayne. 

Batman discovers the Joker enhanced the virus which has both a decaying and regenerative factor in Batman #38 Endgame. Batman tracks down the doctor who helped him revealing the chemical compound in the Joker’s blood existed in other immortals including Vandal Savage and Ras Al Ghul. Batman thinks the story is unbelievable and decides the only option is to the find truth leading him to the Court of Owls. The lingering question of whether Joker is immortal lingers as we hit the next issue. 

The Joker disguised as Eric Border unleashes Clownface (A Joker-toxin filled Clayface) upon Arkham Asylum #4. Bruce Wayne disguised as Jack Shaw releases Mr. Freeze so he will help him with Clownface. Using liquid nitrogen Clownface is secured in Mr. Freeze’s cell. Shaw changes to Batman and returns to Arkham Asylum chasing the killer within the walls of the Manor.  The mini-series is gaining momentum as we reach the conclusion with two more issues.