Thursday, January 29, 2015

E54: Deathstroke #4 | He-Man: The Eternity War #2 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Deathstroke #4 begins with Red Fury and Deathstroke using the truth serum on Bronze Tiger. Slade uses the truth serum on Red Fury exposing her real identity. He is reunited with old friends who are working with the CIA. They want to kill Slade’s father Odysseus because he has the power to infiltrate minds and connected to his son Jericho. Elsewhere Odysseus asks Shiva to lead the League of Assassins and to swear allegiance to him. Meanwhile Jericho arrives in Gotham City looking for his sister Rose. Deathstroke also arrives in Gotham and teams up with former Suicide Squad teammate Harley Quinn. However she frames Slade for murder as Batman arrives to take him down. The next two issues will see Slade taking on Batman as well as his father Odysseus before the Convergence series takes place in April. 

The second issue of He-Man: Eternity War sees He-Man and his army of Snake Men prepared to take Mount Zoar from Hordak. They release Spydor against He-Man while also preparing the orbital disrupter to level him and his Snake Men. However Man-At-Arms uses Roboto to destroy the orbital disrupter before it could be used. He-Man defeats Spydor as Man-At-Arms helplessly falls towards Eternia. This was an action packed issue with little carry over from the first issue concerning the Eyes of Grayskull.