Thursday, February 12, 2015

E63: Thor #5 | Wolverines #6 Reviews [Devil Comics Entertainment]

Thor #5 Back on Earth, Thor takes on the both the Absorbing Man and Titania and breaks their jaws. The All-Mother gives the new Thor encouragement as the All-Father Odin wants the Hammer back and plans on sending the destroyer after the new Thor.

Wolverines #6 sees the Amazing X-Men and the Wolverines competing for the statue of Wolverine as Nero makes a deal with Sinister. Nero uses the control words on the Wolverines to give Sinister a chance to defeat the X-Men. However the Wolverines take out their own ear drums to prevent them from being controlled. Nightcrawler manages to obtain the Wolverine statue and get away as Sinister is defeated. But Sinister had a contingency plan to resurrect himself from his defeat.